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I’ve tried blogging a couple of times before, but never for the sake of a passion.

This time it’s different.

There is beauty all around us all the time, even in the depths of a perceived ugliness. Sometimes when we are stuck in a solemn pattern we can forget that.

Taking and looking at beautiful images helps me to reconnect to the good in everything. If I keep looking for it, it’s harder to miss.

I only hope I remember to leave the house more often with my camera and a charged battery so that you, too, can share in the beauty I perceive; I look forward to viewing the images other’s share with me as well.

This 1st image was taken right before my excursion was interrupted by the always intimidating coastal storms.

As much as I needed to seek shelter from the lightning I saw in the distance, I felt the need to capture how the threat of the storm balanced with the beauty it threatened to engulf.


It did not disappoint!


Additional artwork used from ®Microsoft clipart and may or may not have been altered using Microsoft ®Power Point