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I was taking my daily evening walk around the neighborhood, and I couldn’t help but notice that the open lot on my route was pretty void of any children playing pick-up games like kickball and Wiffle ball this summer.

I enjoy watching them play as I round the bend, unconsciously slowing down to do so.

Sometimes I think about actually kicking their big shiny balls as they get past them at their make-shift home plate, but fear it might result in me actually having to sprint to first base.

What would happen if I slipped in the grass and fell?

The dignified thing to do would be to laugh with them and then go home and cry as I break out the ice packs and Tylenol…oh, but it is so tempting-that urge to recapture some of the best times in our lives; childhood.

I’ll continue to save the sprinting to the younger generation, but I’ll keep my camera handy.

It’s so easy capturing their images because they live life naturally without a fear of looking or doing something foolish.


If they throw a wild pitch the only thing they worry about is getting it as fast as they can to the base the nearest runner is going for.

If it succeeds in an out, the pitcher meant to throw the wild pitch, if it doesn’t, they all laugh at how crazy the pitch was.

It’s like even though they are young in age, they know how short life is, so why sweat the same things that will be forgotten tomorrow.


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