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Sometimes we have no choice but to sit in heavy traffic. Most times I take that as an opportunity to stop and smell the tarmac…literally.

Tarmac to me smells of summers driving to the Jersey shore with my cousins and aunt and uncle.

Sitting on the floor of his Chevy impala with my head resting on the center hump looking at the billowing clouds from the side and rear windows, I knew how close we were by the smell of the tarmac and the slowing of the car to impending traffic.

Anticipation would start to grow and us kids would start getting antsy.

Conversations would become more animated as the wind gushing through the open windows slowed to a stifling radiant heat that we could actually see.

Funny how the memory of it now has more of a calming effect as opposed to the feeling of excitement it caused as a child.

Today, the smell reminds me more of something like this.Image

Not a bad image to have when you are stuck in traffic.