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faux pas

They say that timing is everything. I couldn’t agree more with this statement today. During an earlier post entitled Summer of the Deluge , I struggled with the use of a photo that depicts my son and his father in what would appear to be a scalping.

I’d like to use this post to elaborate on the subject.

Out of context it appears like something we should be sensitive to and avoid using at all cost to spare the emotional distress it may cause to someone, if not whole groups of people and I totally agree.

But because on reflection, knowing how innocent the actual situation was, I’d hoped that if a comment where made I could address it in the comments section.

If you are familiar with the History of the area mentioned in the post, you would know that not only is it known to be the birth place of the infamous New Jersey Devil with all its spooky and gory stories {google it :-)}, but also home to, unfortunately, a mental hospital that an old friend used to work at and the stories that came from that association as well.

One of the popular things to do during camping is to share scary stories.

If you have ever sat around a small campfire in the middle of a huge and dark, desolate forest, you can and probably are recalling your own experiences right about now;

And if you haven’t, you should be thinking about the Friday the 13th movies.

Although I can’t recall exactly what was said that night and during the day in regards to the story, I can tell you that the photos are more relevant to those stories than what could potentially be contributed to any kind of politically incorrect usage.

In fact, I do recall that (and I’m not sure if I’m helping my case by admitting this or not), the placement of the ax was originally against the neck, but that potentially even more disturbing.