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That being said, my opinion is that we SHOULD always be mindful of our audience as bloggers and as feeling, sensitive people;

But we should also, as a society, try and learn to be less sensitive to perceived indifference or insensitivity (obvious prejudices are another matter).

As a whole, we need to encourage more dialogue in a meaningful way to surpass the point of always acknowledging and giving precedence to our differences and finally get to the point of sharing our likenesses.

Who hasn’t watched a horror movie even if it was behind pried fingers glued to a fear stricken face (mine) ?

What scares us more, deranged killers or meaningful discussion on issues that could really make a difference?

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Daily Prompt – P C

I hope that I have done more to dowse the fires as opposed to fanning the flames. If not, please accept my apologies for those who might have or will be offended. It is sincerely meant.


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