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courting candle

If I haven’t mentioned in an earlier post that blogging is pretty new to me, and that I’m not a photographer by any means, but that I love capturing images, please let me say it now.

I love comparing past images I’ve taken (some as long as 20 years ago) to situations that arise in the now. After all nothing really dies, it just regenerates into something else.

Recently I came across one of my favorite images of a still life that I arranged from items in the house and flowers from the garden. I was shooting for nostalgia and the good ol’ days.

The candle in the image is called a courting candle and was used centuries ago as a timer of sorts for company of the opposite gender.

Gentlemen who came calling would be given a set amount of time to visit with the young lady of the house, with the allotted time being determined by most probably the father.

The time given could actually be adjusted by moving a wooden peg up or down the spiral holding the candle.

My mom purchased the candle on one of her trips to the Amish country in Lancaster, PA.

When she first showed it to me, I thought it was ridiculous and controlling in a way. I mean, who does this, right?

But then what did I know, really. I was coupled with 2 children, and it’s not like it mattered much to me anyway. But, I thought the item was aesthetically pleasing.

So…the other night, I was watching T.V. when a commercial for E-harmony came on. I”m sure all you single ladies know which one I’m talking about.

A woman sits in a dark room with a table and one cray cray-looking suitor after another is given about 2 seconds to state the reason why they would be a compatible mate for the woman.

Same concept, right?

Alright, so it’s not the father of the young lady arranging a meeting and it isn’t the 18th century… but how far from the original concept is it really?

I guess some of those old cliches and backward ways still have some life left in them; You know, like The more things change, the more they stay the same…