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“Go head and give it a shake.”

“Nah, not me.” I said as I handed the box to here.

She just looked at me with her big wide brown eyes, and I laughed at her expression. She placed the box on the kitchen table, and both of us just looked at it for what seemed like forever.

“You ready for this?” I said.

“ahuh. Let’s go!” and we left with the box under her arm.

We would take turns carrying it the mile or so to the school, both being careful with the fragile merchandise.”

As we approached the school, we could see what I can only describe as a crowd of über-geeks all kinds of contraptions and gadgets attached or wrapped tightly around their boxes.

For example: We saw a box with a parachute attached to it wrapped in blankets  secured with bungee cords. That’s just one example.

I just looked at her, and she should probably have laughed at the expression on my face, but I noticed hers probably mirrored mine; you know- mouth agape, eyes wide, horror-stricken.

Yeah, you know the feeling.  The one right before the ultimate humiliation sets in.

Especially since upon entering the school, we’d already registered our box and it was on its way to being lifted up to the roof. I could see it from where I stood.

Part II

Additional artwork used from ®Microsoft clipart and may or may not have been altered using Microsoft ®Power Point