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Is it about what you are doing together, or more about just being together?

As kids, we know this instinctively, as senior citizens from experience. Somewhere along the line, the image blurs and we lose sight of this fact.

Our hearts are most always in the right place but we start thinking that there is a cost attached to happiness.

Eventually, we start teaching our children this lie we’ve started believing ourselves.

We spend so much money on ways to try and keep ourselves amused because we’ve forgotten how to amuse ourselves.

We’ve grown frightened of moments of inaction and silence even though some of our best moments-our happiest moments- have been spent in that state.

Sometimes it’s because we think the fun we are having could be better if we just had the newest, better what-have-you. That’s because it’s drummed into us; this belief.

Can you really improve on fun and happiness though? Are there really different levels based on what we’re doing or what we have?

If prosperity comes to us in ways that allow us to remain in our happy state, then that’s OK, right?

But if we find ourselves working so much harder to find the things that make us happy, then we’ve lost sight of something. We’ve moved from our state of happiness to a state of discontent.

Why would that be?

happy ball

Which is right: Living to be happy, or just happy to be living?



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