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– photograph of Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia, PA

Discovery is much more than discovering distant new lands or experiencing something new for the very first time.
Often times, it’s about seeing the same things in a different way.

Like when you’ve been away for a long time from someplace familiar and on your return, everything seems different. Maybe it’s the same, but your view of it is different than any other view you’ve seen before.

Usually, it’s the normal bustle of activity that catches you in its grip, tossing you in the secure and familiar patterns you’re accustomed to; but on the day you rediscover it, it’s a serene back-lit oasis with softly fallen snow devoid of its usual flurry of activity.

That’s when you discover the peace that’s always been there just below the surface.

It’s the view that will always come to mind even when the beauty of the untouched snow becomes, once again, the cold-trodden soiled slush of a busy morning schedule.

Daily Prompt: Viral

C.C. ship

                                  -Jeanie Johnston, Bristol Wharf-Bristol, PA

©Susan L Davis and For the Love of Images