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I don’t know if I’m funny, but I can sure make myself laugh. As far as anybody else is concerned, I’m probably funny in a weird/strange way. I’ve heard it described that more people are laughing at me than with me; that counts doesn’t it?

As easily as it seems to be to make myself laugh, I don’t find many others that funny. Especially if they are trying to be funny, or clever.

Spontaneously, I’m more sarcastic than anything and this seems to be when other’s think I’m funny. I think that says more about them, though,  than it does about me.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing either, because, in my sarcasm, I’m not mean at all, just dark. Again; some people might think I was being disrespectful or a smart ass.

I think my humor mirrors my father’s. Actually, I’m sure it does and though there hasn’t been enough of that humor from him recently, I still remember his best spontaneous hummers.

He suffers from the last stages of Alzheimer’s and about 1/2 year ago, the doctor asked him to sign his name on a piece of paper. He wrote something in Gaelic and the doctor thought it was gibberish.

I asked if I could see what he wrote and when I saw what was written, I fell into a fit of laughter.

The doctor looked at me and wanted to know what I was laughing at. I had to tell him- rather coyly- that my father just cussed him out in Gaelic.

OK, not really, just told him to ‘Kiss his arse‘.

And yes, the doctor laughed…maybe for the first time that night.


(for an additional 150 smacks, I could insert the sound of laughter right here…donations welcome.)

In light of this subject, I’m reminded of some rather inappropriate moments of laughter and the intensity at which it still had the ability to make me laugh…out loud!

Do you have a moment like that?

Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Funny