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Doing what you love doesn’t make it easy; that’s just what others see when they watch you.

Tell a gardener that his lawn and garden are so beautiful because he has a green thumb and you might just get a shovel up the…


Um…I mean, he may put the broom aside long enough to tell you that it took him years to learn the pH balance of the soil to make his hydrangeas that perfect shade of purple


that he lost 4 Carolina Palms before successfully growing the 5th to a stiltifying height of palm-errific shade.

His thumbs are no more green than my cookies are sprinkled with pixie dust (shhh…nobody has to know I keep THAT in a jar under the sink!!) or that a flute players flute is magical because the music you hear makes you weep with joy.

The work that you put into doing something you love isn’t magic, only the results are, because it’s done with love.

Fortunately, that’s something we can all be schooled in.



©Susan L Davis and For the Love of Images,…