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I just read somewhere in one of those fleeting captions that catches your eyes that ‘…silence is golden, but it can also drive you insane…

I guess that can be true, and yet, I can’t help but think that it isn’t if you like what’s inside your own head.

After all, you don’t see many -if at all-insane deaf people and silence is all they know. In fact, they seem rather at peace with themselves all the time.

They’ve never been exposed to the harshness of other people’s words.

Does that mean that what one reads doesn’t have the same effect on the human pysche?

Don’t know and not really qualified to figure it all out either.

All I know is that when the deafening drum of negativity beats at the door that is your sound, you just have to turn down the volume and shut the door.

Yes, silence really is golden…at least, that’s what my head tells me.


  • ©Susan L Davis and For the Love of Images,…