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Officially the last week of summer and the last opportunity to enjoy its splendors.

Unofficially, people along the coast can reclaim deserted shores to savor the long stretches of silence ‘cept for the sound of feet on wood and sand.

Two very different sounds that go hand-in-hand to make the sweetest of summer sounds (and autumn, and winter, and spring).

Who doesn’t like the feel of weathered wood as it springs beneath your feet, knocking back a hollowed ring in answer.

The swooshing of the sand as it’s thrust behind, scattered in heaps behind you.

And finally the tumultuous tumbling of froth on wind, sea-salted scent picked up and carried to upper senses.

An experience from head to toe.

I hope everybody enjoys their week and the last rays of summer!


©Susan L Davis and For the Love of Images 

Additional artwork used from ®Microsoft clipart and may or may not have been altered using Microsoft ®Power Point