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My phone rang earlier. It was a confirmation call for an upcoming appointment; and in my haste to right down the necessary information, I grabbed, of all things, the discarded wrapper from my tea bag.

Beside me on either end, above me, and I’m pretty sure on the floor by my chair were no less that 9 appropriate forms of recording this information; my phone’s memo app being one of them.

So why did I grab for the nearest piece of scrap paper instead of the nicely bound, pretty, decorated memo pads, and electronic devices?

I’m blaming my mom-mom.

I have in my possession of priceless art a 3 tiered framing of  pictures she had my two brothers and I draw one day many, many moons ago during one of the few times I remember her babysitting us, and the paper used was just that…scraps; an old envelope.

If nothing, my grandmother was resourceful and industrious to say the least and made re-purposing, in general, an art form.

I remember seeing it hung on her wall one day when I was older and was struck with a sense of joyful pride that the drawing meant enough to her to not only keep it, but frame it; especially since it wasn’t framed in silver and wasn’t drawn on high quality art paper-all of which she had.

It meant more to me, I believe, that she would think enough about the day we’d spent together doing the things we both enjoyed, to want to remember it with that simple piece of scrap paper and the only colored crayons that were available.

That’s not that unusual to have framed artwork from the grand babies somewhere in your home, but not very many done on the back of an electric bill envelope.

Which got me thinking, yet again, what is the strangest thing you’ve written or scribbled on, and if you were going to say toilet paper, forget it…I’ve done that too!

Don’t worry…I’m pretty sure what’s on this scrap is chocolate. 😉