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I’m not a poet by any stretch of the word so forgive me if there are glaring mistakes in its formatting. It was just something that came to me while taking my evening walk.

A Reflection of Peace

Seems the more I thought about the harder it was to describe

Is it something to be sought or something you hide?

Is it easily given, does it easily stray

Is it something that drives evil away?

It’s getting harder to say

Lips form to speak it but bodies convey

An outer reluctance to share

In all of its ways

Is peace a promise of tomorrow without any sorrow?

Is it lip service from one but embrace of another?

Does it fit like a glove?

Have you running for cover

Is it feeling elated when others succeed?

I know for a fact it’s not based on greed

Greed you say, now I implore

Peace I believe is a time to explore

Peace isn’t something you want to attack

When seeing in others something you lack

Peace sometimes means standing your ground

When heartlessness seems to abound

Peace is practiced without being preached

Peace is given, not being beseeched

Peace is given not torn asunder

Peace is a feeling regardless of blunder

Peace isn’t disparaging from one to another

Peace is the acceptance and embrace of each other


And regardless of differences discovered

Peace is about feeling at ease

It’s not about a need to appease

Peace is different in every extreme

Peace is something we learn as a team.

©Susan L Davis and For the Love of Images. All rights reserved.