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Fire in the HoleYesterday I wrote about finding some hidden gems in the ground some years ago while digging a flower garden around the house.

I mentioned how finding those items took me back to a time possibly hundreds of year ago when our country was still in its infantile stages; dirt roads, tall ships and musket balls.

Afterwards, I happened to walk into the living room and caught the program Diggers.  With the post I’d written still fresh on my mind, I couldn’t help but throw my hands up and yell “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!” just like they do in the program. Of course I laughed afterward, well because I crack myself up, but a family member looked at me like I was off my ding-a-ling.

All I could visualize at that point was KG yelling “Tim, over here, I got nectar in the hole!”

The impulse to call my brother for the use of his metal detector to scan the area was so great at that point, until I remembered that the property in question was more than 700 miles away and that I no longer owned it.


Oh well…I’ll leave the digging to the diggers. Why muss a good manicure.


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