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433165012xBFPER_fs[1]To be talking about the changing of leaves and the smell of pumpkin in the air? I hope not. This is my favorite, and happiest time of year.

There is something about the drop in temperature that lights a fire in me; just like the first snap of a ginger cookie or the crunching of dead leaves beneath my feet.

It’s hard to find that in the south. There are not too many trees that provide that sort of walk on our main streets. What oaks and maple leaves we do have, are quickly raked and thrown in compost bins.

I suppose it has something to do with the difference in weather. It’s warmer here in the fall-much like a prolonged Indian summer- than it is up North. People like to enjoy the outdoors, and doing yard and garden work seem to be a pleasant past time.

To me, that just means a greater chance of developing poison ivy.

The few times I’ve been encouraged to garden were nipped in the bud early due to the six eyes of a recluse spider. If that wasn’t enough, it’s neighbors the black widow and wolf spider sure were.

And did I mention the fire ants?…get the picture? 🙂

Ix nay on the gardening thank you very much; at least until I can move to an environment where digging my hands in the rich soil of mother earth isn’t as much of a gamble.

Until that time though, I’ll just have to do with the memory of the sound of crunching and the way the color of the wet, vibrant leaves on the sidewalk and nearby parks popped and danced before my eyes.

{Imagine also the brisk autumn air blowing through a half open window while the tangy smell of freshly baked apple crisp cools beneath it…}

Can you smell it yet?

No, really, can you smell it? I just took it from the oven.

Breezy Autumn Days

 Breezy Autumn day, come lift my spirit and blow away.

Take me to were the painted leaves fly.

Deserted pastures where you tumble, and frolic and then down you lie.

Nurturing and replenishing our great land.

Giving mother nature a well needed hand.


Breezy Autumn day, come lift my spirit and blow away.

Far in the dark corners of our deep forests.

Where God’s creatures prepare for rest.

Where campers relish the quiet of nature,

And where doe and cub come to mature.


Breezy Autumn day, come lift my spirit and blow away.

Where whirling frantically the wind is stalled,

Beneath my window, watching, I’m lulled.


Breezy Autumn day, come lift my spirit and blow away…


S. L. Davis

©Susan L Davis and For the Love of Images. All rights reserved.