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“Undying Love”


Long forgotten letters hidden in a box

Pictures of undying Love in rusted tin and locks

Stashed away from prying eyes up through the attic stairs

 Beneath the cobwebs, in the corner, aside a rocking chair

 I pick the lock to take a peek at memories on a note

 The photograph of you and he fishing on his boat

 You looked so sweet in slender youth with ringlets on your head

 The way you smiled and turned to him makes me wonder what he said.

The letter here reveals to me the way it must have been

 An ever present yearning of the Love you had back then

 These little souvenirs of time just prove one thing to me

 That Grandpa really loved you nan it’s clearly plain to see

  And in your eyes, I see that light shining from your heart

 I ponder at what you must feel at being kept apart.

 S.  L.  Davis