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This is a photo-shopped photo of a basket I have full of what used to be useful items to me for expressing myself. It’s filled with all kinds of glue and X-acto blades, buckets full of charcoal pencils and scissors, tape, sand paper for the woodworking projects, staples and staplers, little drill bits, ribbons…

All of which I haven’t touched in ages, well, except for the tape. I use that every time I have to wrap a gift. But as far as the other stuff is concerned, most of it has been replaced by programs on the computer.

I’m a little sad about that. I miss working with my hands and feeling the glue as it dries and then peels from the cracks in my hands; unless we’re talking about the oozing hot lava that drips from the angry glue gun and leaves blisters the size of quarters  on finger tips the size of dimes. That was never fun.

But then again…I love experimenting with the programs and apps that allow you to take a quick snap of anything and turn it into a work of art (even if it is in your own mind).

My favorite has got to be Power Point. That program is so versatile. I’m always discovering new things about it, whether from an online tutorial or just by hitting something new on the ribbon. A lot of the time, I’ll have labored over something I’m working on for hours and after being so proud of myself, I’ll discover online a much easier way of doing it.

The point is, I discover and sometimes even find a new use for it.

I do so miss the smell of my charcoal pencils and the sound they make as their points drag along the heavy-grade paper, I miss the smell of the wood and the sound of the scroll saw blade and how my hands felt numb afterwards…but the new stuff is a lot of fun too.

What about you?

Do you find reasons other than work related to use the different programs available to you?