Motto:  Shooting to please me.

I know, I know…You’re probably thinking doesn’t she mean “Aiming to please you?” For the people who know me, it’s not uncommon for me to really screw up a metaphor and/or the title of a movie and/or the punchline of a good joke.

In fact, good jokes run from me because they know if I get hold of them, they’ll be finished. LOL

But, I got the motto thing right.  This blog isn’t about putting a particular dog in a fight, or standing behind anything note-worthy. Right now, at least, it’s about my silly thoughts, my profound thoughts, my insecurities, my desire to understand myself a little better.

It’s a rediscovery of myself. It’s putting thoughts and images together to help me find a purpose, meaning, or direction in my life.

It’s just a silly journal that will inevitably point me to my glaring weaknesses and punctuate my hidden strengths hopefully leading me in the right direction and if not, I can at least say it was an experiment in personal growth.

If I possessed a particular title it would be Artist/hobbyist/blogger. But my paying job is that of a Licensed Massage Therapist. I also am the full-time, main care-giver of an aged parent suffering from the final stages of Alzheimer’s. Hence, the ability to take the time to find myself.

An amazing thing about the blogging experience is that no sooner you post a thought, you have immediate access to others who either share your view or don’t and in not doing so, you get to experience a different perspective and make adjustments in your way of thinking if need be. Or it could just strengthen your own views.

So, new things come to light daily for me here.

I hope you enjoy some of my musings and I hope you comment when you don’t. Comments are an excellent way to open discussion and meaningful dialogue. Something I’ve always enjoyed.



11 thoughts on “About”

  1. needs a little updating 😉

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