Undying Love


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“Undying Love”


Long forgotten letters hidden in a box

Pictures of undying Love in rusted tin and locks

Stashed away from prying eyes up through the attic stairs

 Beneath the cobwebs, in the corner, aside a rocking chair

 I pick the lock to take a peek at memories on a note

 The photograph of you and he fishing on his boat

 You looked so sweet in slender youth with ringlets on your head

 The way you smiled and turned to him makes me wonder what he said.

The letter here reveals to me the way it must have been

 An ever present yearning of the Love you had back then

 These little souvenirs of time just prove one thing to me

 That Grandpa really loved you nan it’s clearly plain to see

  And in your eyes, I see that light shining from your heart

 I ponder at what you must feel at being kept apart.

 S.  L.  Davis



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Fire in the HoleYesterday I wrote about finding some hidden gems in the ground some years ago while digging a flower garden around the house.

I mentioned how finding those items took me back to a time possibly hundreds of year ago when our country was still in its infantile stages; dirt roads, tall ships and musket balls.

Afterwards, I happened to walk into the living room and caught the program Diggers.  With the post I’d written still fresh on my mind, I couldn’t help but throw my hands up and yell “FIRE IN THE HOLE!!” just like they do in the program. Of course I laughed afterward, well because I crack myself up, but a family member looked at me like I was off my ding-a-ling.

All I could visualize at that point was KG yelling “Tim, over here, I got nectar in the hole!”

The impulse to call my brother for the use of his metal detector to scan the area was so great at that point, until I remembered that the property in question was more than 700 miles away and that I no longer owned it.


Oh well…I’ll leave the digging to the diggers. Why muss a good manicure.


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Got Paper?


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My phone rang earlier. It was a confirmation call for an upcoming appointment; and in my haste to right down the necessary information, I grabbed, of all things, the discarded wrapper from my tea bag.

Beside me on either end, above me, and I’m pretty sure on the floor by my chair were no less that 9 appropriate forms of recording this information; my phone’s memo app being one of them.

So why did I grab for the nearest piece of scrap paper instead of the nicely bound, pretty, decorated memo pads, and electronic devices? Continue reading


Labor Day Weekend


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~Pawley’s Island, SC

Perfect weather here for the holiday. I can tell because the air’s been running all morning, not because I’m actually out enjoying it.

I’d like to be, but sadly, my father is incapable of getting around on his own and the effort to get him there would  be too strenuous on both of us. I’m happy that I did actually get him to the beach before he lost both the ability to get around and the ability to enjoy it.

He wasn’t really interested in any kind of photo op though. LOL

As a matter of fact, I had a hard time taking any pictures because he insisted walking on without me and so did our dog cha-cha.

At one point I had to try and take pictures while holding onto the leash.

My father had decided that he couldn’t remember what was attached to the other end of the thick red rope he had in his hand. 🙂

Cha-cha wasn’t impressed either.

It was a beautiful January day; not too cold, not too windy, and the sunset was a stunning one. Too bad I only had my camera phone that day.

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This is the first sight I saw after stepping onto the new boardwalk for the first time.

It was completed just months earlier and it is spectacular. There’s talk of adding even more to the 1 mile stretch that exists now. I hope it happens.

The last picture is of their new sky wheel. I haven’t braved it yet. It’s really large and all glass. I will soon though. Would make a nice date night.

Everyone, enjoy yourselves. Be safe! And let’s see those holiday pictures!!

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Just a Note


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To everyone who has followed me here on word press:

If I haven’t thanked you, and more then likely I have not. I’m sorry and Thank You! Thank you also for the little stars that light up my toolbar when I get a like. I didn’t think the little accolades would matter, but they feel good.

I get overwhelmed (honestly speaking) in the head space sometimes and I put off getting to things that should be done sooner as opposed to later.

There is a lot going on in my life and I forget to acknowledge the people who come to matter to me.

Also, sometimes in my writing I have the impulsive habit, as I do when I speak, of not necessarily thinking first and quite often or inevitably, I end up sticking my foot in my mouth. Again, I assure you, if I’ve ever done it, it’s never intentional.

I actually encourage you to speak up when this happens so that overall, I become the better person I always strive to be.